About Us

Having your home Professionally Power Washed is the single best and most cost effective thing you, the owner, can do to dramatically improve its appearance and protect the exterior. At Applied Power Wash we do NOT use 'scare tactics' in our marketing but it is important for the home or business owner to understand that their property is under attack.
The green and brown spots (algae/mold/mildew) are living organisms which attach themselves to the materials of your property (siding/facade/roof) and begin their life cycle.  Not only does it look unsightly, in some cases the organisms are actually feeding on your property.  The black streaks you see on roofs are more than dirt, its a byproduct from microorganisms, most commonly called Gleocapsa Magna which are feeding on the limestone filler of the roof shingles.  The damage caused by these pest can shorten the service life of a roof shingle by half if not treated.  We at Applied Power Wash not only pride ourselves in our work to clean your property but we take the time to educate the owner of why are services are important.  The limited time and minimal expense you take now to maintain your property will save you the increased time and expense later needed to replace or repair damage from neglect.

There is a saying "you get what you pay for..." Not All companies in the Pressure Washing industry are created equal in services.  Some impliment a 'Splash and Dash' approach which does not thoroughly clean your property or worse -- use the wrong cleaning chemicals, materials or methods for your needs resulting in costly and sometimes irreversible damage.  Make sure that you do your due diligence when shopping for a Professional in this industry because Applied Power Wash is only a phone call away.