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Does Your Collegeville Home Need Residential Soft Washing & Pressure Washing Services?

It can be tough keeping up with maintenance on your Collegeville home’s exterior. However, there’s one quick and affordable service that can do a lot to keep your house looking great: residential exterior cleaning/soft washing/pressure washing services! Soft Washing, also sometimes commonly referred to by the average person as power washing, is a safe and effective method of using correctly proportioned soaps for jobs that need to be cleaned as well as a chlorinated algaecide that sanitizes the organisms such as algae/mold/mildew then using minimal water pressure to clean and knock years of dirt and grime off the sides of your home, as well as your roof.

Pressure washing should only be done by experienced professionals as it can cause damage to your home exterior if not done properly, but it’s an investment well worth paying for! If you’ve never looked into power washing/soft washing, here are some of the signs that you need it.

Five Signs Your Home Needs a Residential Exterior Cleaning

  1. Dull and dirty stucco, paint, siding, or brickwork

Since your home is exposed to the elements 24/7, it’s constantly being bombarded with dirt and grime – particularly when it’s windy, or when it rains. This builds up over time. It’s slow enough that you might not notice how drab your home has begun to look, but the results are dramatic after the washing is done.

It’s almost as fresh as getting a new paint job, for a fraction of the cost.

  1. Your roof is discolored

Roofs are proofed against problems such as lichen, algae, mildew, and sometimes mold, but the treatments don’t last forever. If your roof is developing blackish streaks, that’s a sign that organic growth is taking over – and it’ll only do more damage over time. Fortunately, soft washing services are fully capable of removing moss, lichen, algae, mildew, and mold from rooftops safely and effectively.

  1. You have clogged gutters

Most power-washing services also offer gutter cleanout options, which you should definitely take advantage of. After all, they’re already up on the roof, which makes it easy to clean the gutters while they’re at it. Clogged gutters can damage both your roof and your exterior walls, so keeping them clean will prevent a lot of problems down the line.

  1. Driveway stains

Asphalt or concrete driveways will also become dirty and discolored over time, and this is something else that power washing can take care of. The use of high-pressure water combined with the correct products when used properly can clean asphalt and concrete and leave you with a much nicer-looking driveway. The same is true of your sidewalks and walkways!

Applied Power Wash has a decade of experience providing the best in residential soft washing and pressure washing services across the Collegeville area. We have had plenty of successful jobs in the past, and we’re always happy to serve new customers.

If you’ve never had a residential soft wash/pressure wash, contact us to learn more about its benefits and which service is your best choice!