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Commercial Power Washing/Soft Washing is a Great Investment in Your Collegeville Business!

Any sort of Collegeville business with a physical presence needs to consider their appearance, and what people may think as they drive by. There are a lot of ways you could invest in your property to improve its looks, but it can be difficult to find the right match between cost and returns.

However, there’s one easy choice here: periodic commercial power washing and soft washing in Collegeville. Power washing and soft washing is an affordable service that can make your building look as good as new, in just a few hours!

Why Choose Commercial Power Washing & Soft Washing for Your Business

Restore the look of your building – Since building exteriors are exposed to the elements 24/7, it doesn’t take long for dirt and grime to start building up – and keep building up. Over time, this makes a building look dingy, or as though its paint is fading. However, most of the time, a new paint job isn’t necessary. It just needs a good exterior cleaning to knock all the grime off and bring it back to a like-new look!

Remove graffiti – Graffiti is a particular problem for business owners. Besides being wholly inappropriate for your business, too much ‘tagging’ can encourage local criminals to think your building isn’t being properly protected. Power-washing can remove graffiti, even forms that are designed to stick around.

Increase walk-in traffic – Your building’s exterior is one of the first impressions a potential customer will get. Does your facade project an image of professionalism and pride? If it’s dirty and dingy, it won’t. A nice-looking exterior encourages people to come inside, and that’s particularly important for businesses that get a lot of ‘impulse’ business such as shops and cafes.

Reduce damage and maintenance costs – A dirty exterior encourages damage to your building. Dirt will dig into your exterior over time, potentially damaging the paint, or even creating gaps in the coverage which allow water to start seeping in. Commercial power washing/soft washing services will remove all dirt/algae/mold/mildew that might be growing on the exterior of the building before it spreads far enough to be a health hazard.

Many power washing companies in Collegeville will also do other related tasks, such as but not limited to exterior window cleaning, drive-thru cleaning, dumpster pad cleaning, or cleaning out gutters, which will also reduce damage over time.

Low cost / high ROI – While costs largely depend on the size of the building, overall exterior cleaning is one of the most affordable ways you can improve the look of your business. It’s far less expensive than something like a new paint job while giving your exterior a bright and shiny look. Add to that the ability to prevent repair issues, and power washing/soft washing is a great investment!

Applied Power Wash in Collegeville & Phoenixville, PA

Applied Power Wash has been proudly serving the Collegeville area with professional power washing/soft washing services, for a decade. We have a long list of successful projects, and we’re ready to clean any building, large or small.

If it’s been more than a couple of years since your last power wash, contact us to schedule an appointment!