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What You Want from a Power Washing Service in Collegeville, PA

If you want a relatively inexpensive and easy way to improve the look of your home or business, hiring a power washing/soft washing service in Collegeville, PA could be a great choice. Applied Power Wash uses a soft wash process to clean the exterior of your home or roof. If it’s been more than a year or two since your building was last cleaned, you might be amazed at how much nicer it looks, after the soft wash service.

However, power washing/soft washing services aren’t something that can be done by just anyone. Power washing/soft washing requires a lot of training, as well as plenty of knowledge of what products should be used on what surfaces. Otherwise, damage can be caused to the exterior of your property. You want to find the right Collegeville power washing/soft washing service, to keep your property safe.

Here’s what to look for.

Must-Haves in a Great Collegeville Power Washing Service

  • Insurance

Never hire pressure-washers who don’t have all their paperwork in order. They should be permitted to work in Collegeville.

More importantly, they must be insured. In this case, the insurance they carry protects YOU. Otherwise, if the damage is done or an accident occurs on your property, you could easily end up paying for it. Always ask about their insurance before hiring!

  • Years of experience

Power washing isn’t as easy as it might sound – this isn’t like washing a car. As mentioned before, the methods of cleaning used in power washing can easily do damage to your property at the hands of inexperienced people. You want a power washing service that has plenty of experience, and evidence of their good work.

  • Strong reviews

Be sure to look up reviews of any companies you find and check multiple websites. Customer reviews are still one of your best resources. Never hire a company with less than 4/5-star ratings. If you can find a shop with all five-star reviews, that’s even better!

  • A fair estimate

Whenever hiring for this sort of contract work, you want to get at least a few estimates from different companies. This allows you to compare pricing, and ensure you get a fair price. Pick an estimate in the middle – the high bid is probably padding the bill, and the low bid is going to cut corners.

  • Up-to-date equipment

Take a moment to talk about the types of equipment your potential power-washing company will use. Are they showing up with commercial grade equipment or a Home Depot power washer?

Proper power washing/soft washing requires pro-grade equipment and products, which aren’t available in stores. If they’re only using kits, you could buy them yourself at Home Depot, they aren’t a serious service.

Collegeville Trusts Applied Power Wash

Applied Power Wash is a family-owned power washing contractor that’s been proudly providing top-tier cleaning services across Collegeville, PA, for a decade! We have a long list of satisfied customers and a perfect 5-star rating on Google!

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