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Deck and Patio Cleaning Do’s and Don’ts

Deck and Patio Cleaning Dos and Don’ts: Keeping Your Outdoor Oasis Thriving

As a leading deck and patio cleaning team in Collegeville, PA, we understand the importance of having a clean and nice deck for hosting, and for the overall appearance of your home. But just like any other part of your home, it requires proper care to maintain its looks and functionality.
Here’s a quick guide to common deck cleaning mistakes and how to avoid them, ensuring your deck looks its best this summer.

1. A Gentle Touch for Some Patio Cleaning

We all want to get the job done quickly, but when it comes to deck cleaning, aggressive scrubbing, and harsh tools and chemicals are your deck’s worst enemy. Using stiff bristles or power washing at high pressure can damage the wood fibers and strip away the protective sealant.
Also, always remember to test cleaning products before using them.

2. Beyond Surface Appearances: The Hidden Dangers of Debris Buildup

Sure, a quick sweep might remove the leaves and visible dirt, but what about the debris lurking between deck boards? Leaving leaves, twigs, and other stuff trapped can lead to potential problems such as moisture being trapped in and creating a breeding ground for mold and mildew, which can ultimately lead to rot.
For stubborn debris and buildup, try using a putty knife or a hooked tool to carefully remove it without damaging the wood.

3. Sealant: Your Deck’s Ally, Not a Substitute for Cleaning

A sealant protects your deck from the elements and keeps it looking beautiful. However, it’s not a shield that eliminates the need for cleaning. Dirt, mildew, and grime can still accumulate on top of the sealant.

4. Regular Cleaning + Timely Resealing

Develop a routine cleaning schedule for your deck. Additionally, remember that sealant has a lifespan, typically lasting a few years. Be proactive and reapply sealant according to the manufacturer’s recommendations to ensure your deck remains protected.

5. Preventing Stains from Wet Grass

Wet grass clippings can leave unsightly stains, especially on pool decks. This is because the chlorophyll in grass breaks down and leaves blemishes that are difficult to remove. If some grass clippings do end up on your deck, clean them up promptly before they get wet.

6. When DIY Reaches Its Limits, Call the Pros

While regular cleaning and maintenance can be done yourself, there are times when professional deck and patio cleaning help is the best way to go. Deep cleaning, especially for older decks, may require specialized tools and professional expertise.

Professional deck cleaners have the equipment and knowledge to tackle tough jobs like removing stubborn stains, reviving weathered wood, and ensuring a thorough cleaning that reaches every nook and cranny.

We Can Tackle Deck and Patio Cleaning in Collegeville, PA

By following these deck do’s and don’ts, you can avoid common cleaning mistakes and ensure your deck remains a beautiful and functional outdoor haven for years to come. Remember, a little effort now goes a long way in protecting your investment and keeping your deck looking its best season after season.
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