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Home Insurers, Roof Damage and Insurance Claims: A Comprehensive Guide

Homeowners insurance is a great safety net as it protects you against many unpredicted damages that can affect the structure of your home, including the roof. But what happens after your roof is damaged and what does roof insurance cover? Understanding the coverage provided by your insurance can help every homeowner remain covered.

Our team at Applied Power Wash put together this guide about roof damage, home insurers, and the role that roof soft washing services play in the maintenance of your roof.


How Roof Damage May Get Your Coverage Dropped

You should note that issues like general wear and tear or lack of maintenance are usually not covered because they should be managed by the homeowner. This is becoming increasingly important as insurance companies utilize new technologies to check in on the state of your roof.

The Wall Street Journal reported that insurance companies are beginning to drop people from their coverage due to “aerial photos of [their] roofs”. Unfortunately, this is often done without warning and without presenting the evidence. Many see this trend as a way for these companies to get more risky properties off their portfolio.

Surveillance planes, drones and high-altitude balloons are amongst the technologies insurance companies are embracing to survey your roof. Among the types of wear WSJ reported can raise alarm bells to insurers are “damaged roof shingles, yard debris, overhanging tree branches and undeclared swimming pools or trampolines”. These common issues should be taken into consideration the next time you look at your property.


Types of Covered Roof Damage

The types of roof damage that are generally covered include anything caused by natural disasters and unforeseen accidents. But you should know the specifics of what your policy covers as this can affect insurance claims for roof repairs or replacements. It usually includes damages from incidents like:

  • Fire
  • Wind
  • Hail
  • Falling objects
  • Vandalism

Understanding what is covered by your insurer, and what is not, is key to making sure you remain covered well into the future. As we will detail, growing trends in the home insurance industry is may leave some people without coverage.


Other Considerations for Roof Damage

Insurance companies usually take the age and current condition of your roof into account when determining coverage. An older roof might get limited coverage or compensation based on its depreciated value. If your roof was already in poor condition or wasn’t being maintained, your claim might be denied. That’s why regular maintenance is needed to make sure your roof remains in good condition and can be covered if roof damage does occur.


What Roof Damage Claim Processes Look Like

When roof damage occurs, you should contact your insurance company right away to start the claims process. An adjuster will inspect the damage, and you’ll need to give them full documentation that includes photos and detailed notes of the damage. Remember that the sooner you act, the better, as putting it off can complicate the damage assessment and claims process.


Preventing Roof Red Flags for Insurers

Maintaining your roof with professional services both prolongs its lifespan and prevents issues that may cause home insurers to drop your coverage.

Getting regular inspections and taking care of small issues right away can prevent costly problems in the future. Hire professional services such as residential pressure washing or roof soft washing to care for your roof. This shows insurance companies that steps are being taken toward the maintenance of your roof. This decreases your likelihood of being dropped if Insurance companies decide to check on the state of your roof.


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